Ellerhold AG is a successful printing business based in Radebeul, Germany.

Established in 1987 the company has maintained its initial policy of providing new approaches to its customers advertising needs, helping them to implement innovative products quickly and cost effectively, by offering a seamless range of products for both interior and exterior advertising that includes posters, cardboard displays, packaging, wet adhesive and film labels, via trade agencies all over Europe.

Ellerhold have been using a 1100mm wide VENUS II slitter rewinder for film label conversion at one of its five printing plants. This machine offers medium and wide web printers and converters maximum efficiency in slitting a wide range of substrates at speeds up to 800mt/min. The machine is optimised for fast make ready and increased production output. AC servo motor and dancer roll at unwind plus Tensomat II rewind tension control ensures finished slit reel edges.

The VENUS II is capable carrying out accurate slitting between printed labels across the material web without overlap. Commenting on this feature an Ellerhold spokesperson said “The various printed labels are positioned tightly together to utilise as much of the web as possible. For example, if printed red and green labels are positioned next to each other on the web there will not be any overlap of the two prints on the finished reel. An intermediate cut is required to achieve this precision.”

A marketing and machinery specialist at Ellerholds explains the main reason for purchasing the VENUS II. “The label market has changed significantly in recent years and the number of printed film packages and labels in retail grocery stores increases daily. This is especially true of mineral waters, soft drinks and refreshments where labels play an essential role. Most modern label application methods currently require the use of rolls, and for this reason we have completely restructured our range. The acquisition of appropriate machines for successive processing steps was essential and Soma’s VENUS II met all the production requirements. In terms of the future, we believe that exterior advertising will remain a buoyant market for us and this means maintaining long-term customer relationships is more important than ever, as is the acquisition of new customers. We will continue to invest in packaging in order to expand and secure our position in this sector. We expect stable development within the company, providing there are no significant recession initiated market crashes in the future.”

Ellerhold constantly strive to speed up and streamline production and the company ́s motto “Fast and Good” is appreciated by its customers. A policy of continuous expansion and the installation of faster machines together with in-house technical development ensure customers loyalty and commitment.