Granitol, the joint stock company from Moravský Beroun, is the biggest manufacturer of blow extrusion PE foils in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1895 as a mechanical weaving mill making artificial leather based on nitrocellulose coatings, its focus has been shifting towards blown mono-extruded and co-extruded polyethylene foils. Its daily production lies between 70 and 80 tonnes.

The current production portfolio of Granitol includes for instance Granoten foils for group packaging, Perfoten perforated foils for boiling bags, Hygiten foils for personal hygiene, shrinkable foils and Flexoten “stretch hood” foils, Sepaten foils for the building industry and probably the most well-known trademark HDPE foils, Mikroten – this term has become so popular that it is now the synonym for all HDPE foils in central Europe. Being the only producer in the Czech Republic, Granitol also makes foils with a permanent anti-static agent for packaging explosives, which is also used in the electrotechnical industry where it eliminates the risk of damage to electronic components. Most products made by Granitol are designated for group packaging with shrinking foils and foils for the palletisation of building materials, bulk materials, glass and ceramics.

About 15% of the foil production, i.e. approx. 3500 tonnes, is provided with a print. Throughout its history, Granitol has adopted deep-print, screen-printing and flexo-printing technology that has proven to be the best technology for making print on its major product selection. Therefore, Granitol has enlarged its flexo-print fleet and added the ultra-modern eight-colour device SomaFlex Imperia from Soma Engineering.

“The offer of Soma Engineering was attractive for us also thanks to its complexity regarding equipment, service, technical and system support and other co-operation options”, says Ing. Jaroslav Fibichr, the CEO of Granitol. “Our customers require more and more sophisticated motifs and eight-colour print has already become the standard. A current phenomenon is cost savings – this means that the thickness of materials we print on is getting ever smaller. The Imperia machine responds to all these demands. The corporate policy of Granitol is to keep its technological edge regarding machinery and expert skills. This makes it possible for us to innovate our products and offer new solutions to our customers. Our objective is to offer the largest possible selection, target more market segments and employ only the highest technical professionals”, he adds.

The dominant markets where Granitol sells its products are the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, but also some western European countries such as Germany and Denmark. Who are Granitol’s most important customers? They include businesses from the building industry such as Heluz, Schiedel, Tondach, Cembrit and Laufen, companies from the food industry such as Kofola, Ondrášovka, Zubr, Podravka and Olma, businesses from the glass industry as such O-I Manufacturing and Vetropack Moravia Glass, agricultural businesses such as Agro Brno – Tuřany and Terrasan plus a wide range of other enterprises.

Over the past years, Granitol has been repeatedly awarded the prestigious prize Packaging of the Year by the SYBA Packaging Institute.



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Czech Republic

Phone: + 420 554 780 111