Founded in 1987, Innovaciones Plasticas now has 42 employees and manufactures a wide range of coextruded materials including laminates and barrier films for food packaging, courier envelopes and bags. With a turnover of 9 million Euros the company currently processes 800 tonnes of material a year from its 13 000 square meter facility in Madrid and is ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 certified.

Commenting on the purchase, co-owner, Mrs Barbara Bolos said, “We work only with the best suppliers in the industry to ensure our customers receive the highest service and quality available. SOMA is a company that impressed us with its high standards of quality, robust engineering and technical knowledge. We were convinced that their equipment would be perfect for our needs and we are confident that the purchase gives us the sales edge by improving our production capacity and efficiency in a very competitive market. In addition our operators appreciate the speed and reliability of the equipment.”

The 8-colour SOMA Flex MIDI II is designed for speeds up to 450m/min and is in operation for 16 hours a day. The machine is equipped with sleeve technology, Soma’s Falcon II automatic registration system and Inkstorm automatic washing for rapid job changes. The CI drum and print units are temperature controlled to ensure press stability and consistent print quality. Benefits include minimum vibration at high operating speeds, easy clean robust doctor blade system and fast job changeovers.

The laminator Lamiflex E is equipped for fast sleeve changes, and includes simple management system, automatic dosing and stable adhesive application at high speed. The Pluto II slitter rewinder complements the line and includes fast reel changeovers, automatic laser core guiding, easy access, simple blade change system and is capable of running a wide range of materials including PP at high speeds.