INVOS – printing with up to 8 colours

INVOS company with the head office in Svárov near the city of Zlín is a production company that carries out development, production, printing and confection of plastic foils.

The company was established in 1991 and started its business by production of advertising bags. Creation of a closed production cycle within the framework of which foil printing and consequent confection processing follows up with production of foils was a strategic goal of INVOS in the 90s of the last century. The technological chain was closed by procurement of recycling line for processing of production technological waste. Establishing of a quality management system was the other strategic goal of this founding stage.

INVOS operates four manufacturing lines for production of blown single- and multi-layer blown foils at present. The installed five-layer co-extrusion line was the first equipment of this type within the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in the time of its procurement in 2002.

The technological equipment allows producing a wide range of foils from the basic ones up to multi-layer barrier foils made of a combination of polymers selected according to the properties demanded by the customer. INVOS has found its position in the market just in the ability to combine development with production. Besides the domestic and Slovak markets, the company supplies barrier foils in Germany, France, Far East and Africa.

Foil printing is an important technological node in the production chain. The company prints on more than a half of the total produced quantity of foils. INVOS uses an eight-colour flexographic printing line in the quality which won Grand Prix Cyrell award in the competition organized by DuPont already three times in 2001, 2005 and 2010.

INVOS announced a public tender for supply of a printing line for production of new types of prints which utilize and develop flexographic printing technology last year. SOMA Engineering company with a bid of the Premia 1270 8 EG flexographic printing machine and Pluto II 1350 cutting machine became the winner of this tender.

The machine is operated in a guarantee period at present. The new technology contributes fundamentally to improvement of flexibility in implementation of the customer’s demands in such an extent that even a technological break necessary for successful progress of physically-chemical processes in printing ink after its printing on the substrate is perceived as a delay in the process. The investment is assessed by the management of the company as a step in the correct direction.

Confection production processing plastic foils on modern confection machines is the third type of technologies used in INVOS. The range of products includes currently, besides traditional production of advertising carrying bags, also technically complex confection products at which the company aims in a pointed way. The company is successful also in this field which is confirmed also by the obtained prestigious award Packing of 2006 for INVOTEX anti-odour bag and Packing of 2009 for an e-shop packing.

The technological development is accompanied by a change of the company strategy. Plastic processing and production companies are exposed to the pressures of fully open EU market and their standard production has to face the import of cheap Asian goods. That is why INVOS aims in a pointed way at differentiation from big competitors and concentrates its forces on principal technological development allowing efficient of special orders.

With respect to the fact that development of these products has sense only if it reaches at least European level, INVOS invests massively in cooperation with universities and institutes of the Academy of Science. INVOS is a member of several innovation projects and also an international project in 7 framework program within this cooperation. This cooperation bears the first fruit. INVOS applied for 7 patents in the period between 2010 and 2012.