We are pleased to report on the installation of two slitter/rewinders from our Planet range at SAFTA S.p.A., Italy. The Pluto II and Venus II models join six existing slitter rewinders at the Piacenza based company and are part of its plans to improve quality and production efficiencies.

Commenting on the purchase, Marco Murelli of SAFTA said, “We had felt some economic impact in the last quarter of 2009 due to the recession. Fortunately this was not serious and we managed to overcome the situation by improving our processes and job organisation to improve effectiveness. Some new investments were also needed to increase our overall efficiency.”

The specification of both 1350mm wide slitter rewinders include SOMA’s Tensomat II system for precise rewind tension control through PLC and tensometers to ensure constant tension; automatic knife/razor and laser core positioning as well as intuitive controls to simplify operation.

“The people at SAFTA first saw the Pluto II machine demonstrated at the last ICE show in Munich and were impressed with its high engineering standards and quality of slitting, says Pavla Kusa of SOMA. They were so enthused with its performance and versatility on a wide range of substrates that they quickly followed the purchase of the Pluto II with an order for the larger, AC Servo driven Venus II model. We know customers have choices and appreciate the confidence SAFTA has placed in investing in our equipment.”

“We have standardised slitting and rewinding production to around 1600mm web widths and have six other models from Italian and British manufacturers, says Murelli. “The decision to change and purchase SOMA was judged on the grounds of best price versus quality ratio. We believe SOMA is one of the best from this point of view. These are very versatile machines and we use them to slit a wide range of high quality products. 5 days per week, three shifts per day.”

SAFTA originally started business as producers of Rayon-Viscose materials and is now an international household name in the flexible packaging industry. The company has over 370 employees and in 2002 became part of the Guala Group, a holding company engaged in the packaging industry. The company divides its production into five sections, blown film extrusion utilising five extruders; pre-press and plate making; printing using six rotogravure presses; film laminating using five machines and slitting where final quality control is carried out. The company prints and converts flexible packaging for soluble goods, beverages, food products, pet food, pharmaceuticals, medicals, detergents and cosmetics.

Concludes Pavla Kusa, “We share the same aims as SAFTA in delivering the best packaging solutions and our commitment to customers is in bringing to market, products that offers the same high level of engineering as our more established competitors at a quality and price ratio that benefits all concerned.”