Mac Dermid

Liquid Photopolymer

Liquid Photopolymer Products
MacDermid Printing Solutions’ broad line of liquid photopolymer products offers an unbeatable combination of exceptional value and quality to the flexographic printer. Liquid Platemaking is well suited for the following water-based ink printing applications: corrugated post-print, wide web/thin plate and hand stamp/marking devices. Using liquid platemaking in your operation has a significant […]

Digital Sheet

Digital Sheet Photopolymer Products
Take advantage of the improved workflow and quality available with digital flexo plate technology using MacDermid Printing Solutions line of digital sheet products. For more information on how to select the right digital plate for your particular application, please see the Digital Plate Selection Guide.

UVR MacDermid’s new UV ink resistant plate, UVR, is […]

Analog Sheet

MacDermid Printing Solutions' analog or conventional sheet photopolymer products are available for virtually any flexographic printing application and any platemaking technology. From flexible film to corrugated boxes, MacDermid provides a high-quality sheet photopolymer plate product to fit your needs.

Lava Thermal Processing

Thermal Processing Equipment
Fast and easy to use, MacDermid LAVA thermal plate processing is optimized for processing 25 in. x 30 in. plates, supporting up to 42 in. x 60 in. for maximum productivity. LAVA integrates easily with the most popular front-end prepress systems and software, making it a plug-and-play solution for […]

Lux Platemaking Process

LUX® Technology
MacDermid’s LUX technology offers printers the opportunity to print like never before. LUX, an innovative technology developed exclusively by MacDermid, enables flexo printers to increase print quality, improve print consistency and, at the same time, print more efficiently and reduce waste. The LUX process produces a digital plate with a unique dot profile from a 1:1 […]